Socio-economic and Geographical factors for Crime Incidents

Spatio-temporal data mining techniques are used for crime analysis for their knowledge oriented and meaningful visual representation of crime incidents. Visual representation of crime patterns assist analysts with in-depth understanding of crime behavior with time and location. The representation can be made more knowledgeable and perceptible by incorporating details of socio-economic factor and areafis geographical […]

Linked Data Portal for e-Government Resources of Pakistan

This paper presents a framework to perform concept- and keyword-based English search of the Holy Quran. The concept-based search is challenging as it should be able to handle the abstract queries which often do not occur verbatim in text. In order to implement it, a Qur’anic English WordNet is implemented, which is a WordNet-derived database […]

Prediction of Movies popularity using machine learning techniques

The prediction of movies popularity is challenging problem. Movies prediction is a hot topic for movie makers, producers, directors, production houses and also there is a large amount of data related to the movies is available over the internet, because of that much data available, it is an interesting data mining topic. Every viewer, producer, […]

Enhanced Expert Systems for Medical Diagnostic using Data Mining

Machine learning algorithms have great potential for exploring the hidden patterns in the data sets of the medical domain. These patterns can be utilized for clinical diagnosis. Since medical diagnostic decision support systems have become more popular in clinical routine, it is critical to decide the best model to provide reliable machine learning techniques in diagnostic problems. The purpose of my research thesis is […]