Flash Flood Detection System

Scope of the Project:

The primary scope of the project is to provide real time river water level and speed to the main server via a remote embedded system. At the main server this information is stored, manipulated and graphs are generated to get a near to accurate flood prediction. System shall also provide flood warnings based on the collected data. All this information will also be uploaded on a web portal automatically to make it public.

Research Plan:

The plan to carry out this project consists of 3 main tasks these are:

  1. Creation of Remote Data Acquisition Node
  2. Server Side Application Development
  3. Construction of FFDS Web Portal

Task 1:   (Creation of Remote Data Acquisition Node)

First of all commercial off the shelf sensors (e.g. water level, water flow, GPS, GSM, temperature) and other communicating modules (e.g. etrx3) will be used to create a remote data acquisition node. Our task is not to create the hardware but just to program the hardware, establish a wireless network between sensors and processing unit and define the communication protocols for the communication. The processing unit shall acquire data from sensors and package it an SMS and transmit this information to main server after specific time intervals. A number of data acquisition nodes are placed at different locations of the river to get a complete picture of the water status in the river. The sensors used for data acquisition are water level sensor, water current meter (flow), temperature and GPS modules is used to get the GPS coordinates of the data acquisition node.

Task 2:   (Server Side Application Development)

Data from all remote data acquisition nodes is sent to main server using GSM technology. On the sever side this data is stored and managed by the database. Furthermore, based on this data graphs are generated. Furthermore, in case that the reading from the sensors reaches the flooding limit automatic warnings and alerts are generated and these warnings are sent automatically to the concerned authorities.

Task 3:   (Construction of FFDS Web Portal)

In the last phase when the server is fully functional than a website of FFDS is created which is currently updated with the most recent information from the server. The webpage shall display information gathered from all nodes in different views.