Recommending of experts to questions on Stack Overflow

In order to assist the process of questions answering on CQA (Community Question Answering) websites, this paper proposes an improved methodology of batch recommendation of answerers (experts) to questions called BESF (BERT Expert Recommendation using Multi-Objective Sailfish Algorithm with Genetic Algorithm). First, experts and questions modeling is done using BERT Topic modeling technique, which creates […]

Optimal Controller’s Placement inside SDN environment via Machine Learning Technique

In recent years, Software Defined Networking (SDN) has emerged as a pivotal element in various networks. The prominent feature of software-defined networking is the separation of two planes that were tightly coupled in traditional networks that is the forwarding and control planes. Forwarding plane’s basic functionalities are packet forwarding while control plane issues control command […]

Improving the Concept Search of Quran Using Linguistic Semantic Resources and Deep Learning

Since Quran is the supreme source of spiritual wisdom and knowledge used for recitation, analysis and guidance among Muslims and non-Muslims. A variety of new techniques and tools related to information retrieval and Natural Language Processing (NLP) have been created for the purpose of recitation and for searching Holy Quran’s Arabic and English translation text. […]

Detecting Semantically Similar Sentences Using Deep Learning Techniques

In this research, we present a novel approach to enhance Text Classification task using improved word representations that have sentence embeddings. Word2vec is the vector based word representation, can be manipulated to work in conjunction with vector based sentence representations to improve the accuracy of classifier in text classification task. we will demonstrate how distributed […]

Deep Fusion Approach Towards Kinship Verification

Living in the modern age of technology where there are high slogans of face analytics, data mining, social media analysis, Kinship verification finds its way from the automatic tagging of pictures,videos to the surveillance,security,human trafficking control and many more applicable areas. Automated Kinship Verification answers the question that the two individuals are blood relatives or […]

Fake News Detection using Machine Learning

Increased connectivity has contributed greatly in facilitating rapid access to information and reliable communication. However, the uncontrolled information dissemination has also resulted in the spread of fake news. Fake news might be spread by a group of people or organizations to serve ulterior motives such as political or financial gains or to damage a country’s […]